Can good notes solve exam woes?

Download and share our poster on top note taking skills to support your students.

Are your students struggling to prepare for exams?

Whether they have reams of notes to wade through or a pile of illegible scribbles, it’s not surprising students can feel under pressure. 

It’s even harder if they face further challenges with a disability or learning difficulty. 

Institutions and their Disability Services can increase students’ GPA attainment using good note taking skills.

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Is it really as simple as taking good notes?

Good notes will help you...

Categorize information so you only focus on the key parts

Collate & Consolidate your resources so you can improve your understanding

Create exam tools that suit how you learn best

93% of students felt better prepared for exams after improving their note taking skills with Sonocent*



Before Sonocent

After Sonocent