What is Audio Linking?

A shortcut to studying smarter...

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How does Audio Linking work?

How do I review Audio Links?

Link on the go with Sonocent Link!

Audio Links are also created when you record with the Sonocent Link app!

Transfer your recordings to Audio Notetaker to view the Links.

Hover over text to highlight linked audio bars

See at a glance exactly what your note relates to!

Reviewing notes is hard. 

Because what you take down at the time often doesn't turn out to be the 
memory-jogging study shortcut 
you'd hoped...

Audio Linking lets you zone in on the moments that mattered.

Every note you make is automatically synced to an exact point in your audio.

So you can zone straight in on what was being said in class at that precise moment.

As you record, Audio Notetaker automatically creates a link between audio bars and any text that you enter in the Text or Reference Pane.

You can choose whether or not links are visible, but they are always created.

Just hit record & make your notes - links are created automatically

Click the Link button to display your links

Find the Link button in the header of each Pane:

Links are displayed with background shading.

Great when you want to quickly skip back to a specific point, 
or check the context of a note you've added.

Play back your audio & reveal linked notes 

Listen back with Audio Links displayed, and highlights will show where there are related text notes.  

So you can relive that light-bulb moment you had in class!


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Create new links as you listen back!

Automatically link text and audio after class, by typing from the Audio Pane:

Ensure focus is in the Audio Pane (the Audio Pane will have a blue header). 

Start typing - your text is automatically added to the Text Pane, and a link is created at the same time.

Can I edit Audio Links?

Manually create or remove links at any time

Create a Link 

Place the Audio Cursor on the audio bar you want to link

Select your text

Click the Create Link button in the Side Bar

Remove a Link 

Select either the audio bar or the linked text

Click the Remove Link button

Linking is removed from both your text & audio.

using the Link editing buttons in the Side Bar

Audio Linking Guide - The lowdown on joined-up note taking!