Sonocent is easy to administer 
 and proven to raise GPA 

Sonocent software is the simplest and most effective form of note-taking support. It can save you time and money against coordinating peer note takers. And it can help students of almost any ability or learning style to take notes independently.


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Implemented by top colleges


Join colleges including UCF and UC Davis who have replaced peer note takers with Sonocent software.

Established and effective


Over 110,000 students with disabilities have taken comprehensive, multisensory notes independently with Sonocent.

Makes speech tangible


The software visualizes audio as highlightable chunks, phrase-by-phrase, making it easy to return to any part later.

Multi-award winning


Sonocent software is multi-award winning and endorsed by the people who matter - 81% of educators* agree that it can raise academic attainment.

Simplifies note-taking


Students record first, highlight the key moments as they listen - and then revisit those moments later to create their notes.

Multisensory workspace


Students can combine audio, text, images, and links to reference material within one workspace to create super study resources.

Modernize your note-taking support

Why choose Sonocent?

Cost effective


Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin cut their spending on note-taking accommodations by 50% with Sonocent.

Simple to implement and manage


Give individual students access to the software for set time periods from an online license manager.

Raises grades


Sonocent users at Tennessee Technical College improved their GPA by up to 2.81.

Boosts retention


100% of students at Tennessee Technological University identified as ‘at risk of failure’ improved their GPA with Sonocent.

What do college support staff say?

Dave Medearis - Senior Disability Resource Liaison - Madison Area Technical College


“When I produced my annual report on note-taking spending, my boss thought that I had missed a zero from the end! There was a drop of 50% and a big part of that was due to students using Sonocent in class rather than paid peer note-takers." 

Brad Held - Accessible Technology Coordinator - University of Central Florida


“Even though UCF originally looked at Sonocent as a tool to support students with disabilities, we found note taking and studying an essential element for all students. To help get quicker adoption, we partnered with Veterans Services, Academic Learning Services, Athletics, and First Year Experience."

Rachel Kruzel - Accommodations Specialist - Augsburg College, Minnesota


“We have a Loan License, which is a dream for us from the perspective of administration. I can quickly make the software available to other students, each semester, without leaving the office.”

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*All statistics based on a 2015 survey of 1,626 Sonocent Audio Notetaker users or a pilot of Sonocent with 25 students at Tennessee Technical University.

AccessText members now get an exclusive 10% discount on Sonocent software.

Email or phone 727 474 1118 to claim your discount.

AccessText members now get an exclusive 10% discount on Sonocent software.

Email or phone 202 657 4332 to claim your discount.

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