Frustrated by the quality


of peer notetakers?

Learn best with active listening? 

Check out our podcast with the Assistive Technology Institute at George Mason University


Prefer to read through the detail?

Download our extended case study, exploring the pros and cons of Livescribe and peer notetakers experienced by George Mason University. 

The Assistive Technology Institute share the results of their free pilot with Sonocent Audio Notetaker, with particular emphasis on student independence and attainment.

Providing effective notetaking accommodations can be an administrative drain, but more importantly they're not always successful in supporting students. 

Many find that the quality of notes provided doesn't meet students' needs, or that they're received late affecting students' ability to keep up with course work. 

Over 300 institutions worldwide have been exploring education technology as an effective alternative, cutting costs and administration needs all while increasing student independence and attainment. 

George Mason University did just that using Sonocent Audio Notetaker. Check out our podcast or case study to find out more. 

*Statistic taken from students surveyed at George Mason, Spring Semester 2017

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