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94% of students would recommend our software to a friend or coursemate

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90% of students are confident that the notes they take with our software will help them study

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100% of students assigned the software at Tennessee Technological University improved their grades

Supports students with


Over 100,000 students with disabilities have used the software to take better notes with minimal support

Of the students to whom we gave

the software we didn't have a single one who didn't increase their GPA


Edward Beason

Disability Support Services

Tennessee Technological University


Used by over 200 institutions, including:

Over 120,000 happy users and counting

A little about us

Who we are

Our team includes specialists in audio engineering, software development, study skills and accessibility. We launched our software in 2007, since when it has won multiple education awards and been implemented by top colleges in Australia, North America and Europe.

What we're about

Sonocent believe that text is not always the best way. In fact, we believe that a reliance on text causes barriers: those who struggle to write often struggle to learn. With text, society has created a minimum requirement for participation. Our software’s unique visual interface for speech provides a new, better way of working with spoken information, which opens up learning and productivity to anyone.

I recommend it every day and our students are just amazed when we tell them about the wonderful ways Sonocent can assist them .

Karen Darby Disability Advisor, Western Australia

The software allows students to independently and intuitively connect with lectures and overcome disability-related academic obstacles.


Scott Ritter

Associate Director for the Center for Students with Disabilities, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

My notes were organised
and easy to find
My notes were clear and
easy to read
My notes captured all of
the important points
I could find the important
points in my notes
I was confident that my
notes would help me study
I was able to take notes
I found it easy and
worthwhile to take notes

Before Sonocent                                      After Sonocent

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